Automatic backup with Amazon S3.

If your website goes down or crashes and you have no backup, you will lose time, and money, if not reputation.

Backup is essential for website management. It’s a must have option to avoid the damage due to a website crash for any unforeseen reasons. We relieve your anxiety by executing scheduled backups and ensuring that an up-to-date backup is always available. And because our backups are incremental and conducted off-site, even the most troublesome websites will be successfully backed up.

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Backup Service Options

Our backup system is incremental, reliable, has off-site storage, and can operate on an hourly cycle. Everything you might want in a backup. Main backup features are shown below:

Automatic back up schedule

Hourly/Daily, weekly and monthly back up frequency

Both application & database back up

Offsite Storage with Amazon S3 

Email notification if site is down

Backup Download

Clone website

Backup via FTP Option

Back up via database

Incremental backup

Each instance of backup stored for 90 days

1 click restore


Reasons for Website Backup

Website backup will provide you a peace of mind and also enable you to get the most out of your website by implementing new features.

Your website might get hacked

Site breaks after an update

Accidental deletion of important files

Site may break due to trying new things

Possible loss of all works

Possible loss of money

Backup is like your website insurance

No need to worry if your computer crash

Guard against human error

Prevent loss of data

Easy to create a testing version of your site

Foster strong security practices


Simple Pricing that will Ensure Your Website Backup

We believe in transparent pricing. We have monthly and yearly payment cycles, no startup fees, no cancellation penalties, and no long-term contracts.

Why Backup with Us?

Emergency Site Restoration

If your website crashes and you need to restore from a backup, we got you covered.

Lower Server Load

95% of backups are performed on our server infrastructure, which is beneficial to your web server PHP RAM.

Off-site Storage Options

We have both US/EU storage options. We comply with the EU directive by keeping your websites on the optional EU storage

Incremental Backup

Only new and modified files and tables are backed up, greatly enhancing reliability and decreasing site server consumption.

1-click Restore

When a restoration is necessary, we can completely restore your website with just one click to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

90-Days Backup Storage

We keep each instance of back up for 90 days. 

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Your website is made up of files and software that you have uploaded to your server, as well as a database containing information and data. A backup is a copy of all the “stuff” that goes into creating a WordPress website. That copy is then saved elsewhere for future reference.

There are many reasons as to why your website must be backed up and back up is the most important maintenance components and an integral part of website security. Hackers, uncompressed images, security breaches, bad updates, buggy code, plugin conflicts and human error are just a few reasons. Websites face numerous internal and external threats and, as a result requires appropriate protection. 

But what if all of the security, performance, and user management restrictions you implement are insufficient? What if your WordPress website goes down, is hijacked, or data is damaged or lost? You cannot afford to start over from the beginning.

That is why you need WordPress backups. Backups are a lifesaver for your website. 

Backups may have been included in your web hosting subscription, or they may have been performed using a backup and restore plugin, such as for a WordPress website. Those are viable choices, however storing backups on the same server as your website is not a good idea.

Our backups are saved safely and off-site on Amazon S3 cloud servers, and the entire process is totally automated. Furthermore, restoring your WordPress website is as easy as a single click, and there is always a crew there to assist you if you run into any technical difficulties.