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Your website’s content is the backbone of your online presence, and it requires constant attention to stay relevant and up-to-date. That’s why content editing is such a vital task for any website owner. From adding new pages to updating existing ones, to revising text and images, content editing helps keep your website fresh and engaging. This is essential for attracting and retaining customers.

At Shifting Cube, we understand the importance of content editing. That’s why we offer subscription plans that include all the most common website content edits related service requests we receive. Our plans are designed to make the process of content editing hassle-free for you. Simply submit a service request, and we’ll take care of the rest.

With unlimited edits, you can make as many changes as you need without worrying about additional costs. And if your request is out of scope, we’ll work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. Don’t let your website’s content become stagnant – let us help you keep it dynamic and engaging with our content editing services.

No. of content edit requests per month This means your package request quota, which is unlimited for Platinum package.
Create, update and delete page (not content writing) This means we will action on your instructions for adding a new page including formatting, edit page formatting and deleting a page. Content writing is a very time consuming work as it requires lots of research and follow writing standards.
Banner Change (not creating a banner) This means we can add, change or remove banners or other images from your site as per your instructions. Please note we will not create a banner
Fixing header and footer issues This means we will fix any issues that you face in your website footer or header. For example, you may want to change the colour, or fix a menu or change contact details etc.
Add or remove Plugin This task means as per your request we can add or remove a plugin, however if the plugin is necessary for your website to function, we will let you know for an alternative solution. This tasks does not involve plugin configuration and customisation.
Blog content edit This means we can simply add or remove or edit the texts/images you will provide to us. We will not write and therefore edit the content for your site.
Changing texts or images This means we can change any texts or images on your site as long as we get the clear instruction from you. We won’t be working on this task until we clearly know what are the changes and where.
Adding coupon codes This means we will setup the coupon code for your ecommerce store. Installation of coupon plugin is on our discretion.
Add a new product to store This means we will add 3 products per request. Add means we will upload the product image, link to category and store policies. This does not include sourcing product images and and writing product description.
Plugin settings change This means we will change already added plugin’s configuration as per your request but plugin sourcing, installation and customisation are not included. Plugin installation solely depends on our discretion.
Add Alt text This means we will add maximum 30 Alt texts for 30 images per request. More than 30 image Ant texts will be considered more than one request.
Google Analytics & Adword tracking code SETUP This means we will only integrate the Google Analytics and Adwords conversion codes in the site provided by you. This does not include create Google accounts and generate codes from there.
Fixing basic security issues This is not an advanced security task such as hardening the site and add and configure firewall. Basi tasks include add reCapthca and clearing spam messages.
Speed optimisation This means we will make the site loading faster than before, however it may take more than one request as per our discretion. We will inform you accordingly.
Fixing responsive issues This means we will fix and optimise your site’s mobile and tablet views limited to 1-3 pages per request but not for the whole website.
Shifting Cube Presence
Create, Update and delete page
Shifting Cube Digital Marketing Icon
Banner change
Shifting Cube Header Icon
Fixing Header & Footer issues
Shifting Cube Plugin Icon
Add or remove Plugin
Shifting Cube Broken Link
Fixing broken links
Shifting Cube Blog Icon
Blog content edit
Shifting Cube Content Icon
Changing texts or images
Shifting Cube Gift Voucher Icon
Adding coupon codes
Shifting Cube Store Icon
Add a new product to store
Shifting Cube Custom Icon
Plugin settings change
Shifting Cube Photo Icon
Add Alt text
Shifting Cube Google Icon
Google Analytics & Adwords tracking
Shifting Cube Presence
Create a new website, custom development
Shifting Cube Blog Icon
Finding or sourcing media, assets, contents etc.
Shifting Cube Feature Icon
No clear instructions to perform a task
Shifting Cube Website Icon
Custom checkout process
Shifting Cube Blog Icon
Content or blog writing
Shifting Cube Browser Icon
Any types of design, creating sub-domain
Shifting Cube Bug Icon
Bug fixing by code in root files
Shifting Cube Code Icon
Plugin customisation, Code snippets
Shifting Cube Web Domain
Hosting adjustments
Keyword analysis, rank tracking
Shifting Cube SEO Report Icon
SEO consulting & Backlink outreach
Shifting Cube Google Icon
Google Analytics & Adwords tracking
Request one-off task
No. of content edit requests per month Yes, depends on the package Create a new website, custom development No
Create, update and delete page (not content writing) Yes Finding or sourcing media, assets, contents etc. No
Banner Change Yes No clear instructions to perform a task No
Fixing header and footer issues Yes Custom checkout process No
Add or remove Plugin Yes Content or blog writing No
Blog content edit Yes Any types of graphic design, creating sub-domain No
Changing texts or images Yes Bug fixing by code in root files No
Adding coupon codes Yes Plugin customisation and testing No
Add a new product to store Yes DNS/Hosting adjustments/configuration No
Plugin settings change Yes SEO consulting & Backlink outreach No
Add Alt text Yes Create Google Analytics & Adword tracking code No
Google Analytics & Adword tracking code SETUP Yes External service integration No
Fixing responsive issues Yes Figure out how to do something No
Speed optimisation Yes Website backup restoration No
Fixing responsive issues Yes HTTPS migration No

Need requirements matching?

If you would like to know how your requirements will match with the packages we offer, please let us know and we will show you how they match.


When we say “unlimited,” it really means “unlimited,” depending on the subscription package you choose. Requests can be submitted in any number you see fit for the unlimited package. Keep in mind that any task requests that may take 30–45 minutes or less to complete are considered an edit request.

The process is simple: If you submit a service request, we will assess that and if it fits within the scope of unlimited edits, we will complete the task. However, if the requested task is out of scope (as per unlimited edits out-of-scope list and our discretion) we will get back to you to understand more about the request and provide a suitable solution for you.


Included: Upload a piece of content with images.

Not included: Create a content such as a blog post by us, source images and upload to the website without any clear instructions.


Included: Add a new product to your WooCommerce store and you have provided that product’s information.

Not included: Write a product description, find images and upload on the website or design a custom checkout.


Included: Install and set up a plugin to use its built-in functionality.

Not included: Create new functionality that doesn’t exist in a plugin. 


Included: Text that you emailed to us and requested to replace the current content on your FAQ page.

Not included: Write FAQ or design the page.

Our Platinum package is the only one that includes unlimited edits. Instead of charging extra for assistance, we request for a monthly membership fee and cover all technical aspects.

This is how it works:

1. If you email a support ticket, you will receive an automatic answer as soon as it is received by our system.
2. Within 1-4 hours, you will receive an email from us informing you that we have opened the issue, are reviewing its complexity, and will notify you when it has been addressed.
3. You will receive a resolution email with the adjustments made to that issue within 24-48 hours unless it is absolutely critical such as your site is down.
4. If the ticket is difficult and we require additional time, we will notify you if it falls outside of the 48-hour limit. With response and resolution times, communication is essential, and we understand that.

Yes, we do. Please read more about our custom development package here

50% off for all website packages


Use discount code in checkout!