Do it Yourself (DIY) vs Done for You (DFY)

We offer unconventional subscription option for our potential clients. Unlike other DIY (Do It Yourself) subscription-based website builder companies, we offer DFY (Done for You) and the subscription to buy option. This means, we will complete the project for you with only monthly payments and after subscribing the site for at least 6/12 months (Standard/Advance plan – 6 months, Ecommerce 12 months minimum commitment period) you will have the option to buy the site by just paying the balance amount. We are transparent about pricing and our base prices are same as the packaged prices.

Example of how subscription to buy option is calculated

Although our subscription package is payable on a recurring monthly or yearly basis, we provide the option to buy the package to our clients. For example, if you subscribe a standard web design package at the cost of 199 dollars monthly (excluding GST) or 2000 dollars yearly (excluding GST) and you do not want to continue the subscription after 6 months then you only need to pay the balance of 1399 dollars (standard base price) – 1194 dollars (paid already in 6 months) = 205 dollars (excluding GST) to become the owner of the site. The amount here is just an example and it may vary in real scenarios.

Conditions for subscription to buy option

But please note the following important conditions for this: 1. Minimum 6 months commitment is required for Standard and Advanced web design projects and 12 months for Ecommerce plan because 6/12 months is a very reasonable time for a business to continue its operations. 2.  You will be the owner of the website including your domains, emails and contents. You won’t be able to claim hosting and other regular services such as ongoing SEO, content edits and maintenance works due to the change of ownership. 3. If you would like to continue ongoing SEO, content edits and maintenance services, you need to subscribe the plans related to these services. 4. We will only provide you the website files and folders, which will contain site application and database on a Dropbox or any cloud infrastructure. It is your responsibility to make the site up and running. If you would like to do that for you, it will cost additional 199 dollars (excluding GST).

Benefits of subscription to buy option

There are three main benefits for this flexibility: (1) you are not paying the full amount upfront (2) you do not have to DIY website and (3) unlike other web builders such as Wix or Shopify, you can buy the website after the commitment period is over and become its owner. We offer all these flexibilities for our clients. We offer a comprehensive range of options to suit your budget. The table below should help you to understand our pricing options;

Need more help?

Browse our help centre designed to help you with various topics related to web design, development and maintenance. 

Help Centre

Simply because we provide a very cost-effective, flexible, comprehensive and quality services. These  include all aspects of your online presence from web design project management to digital marketing and ongoing maintenance and bug/issue fixing. You do not need to look for other providers once you are with us. More specifically

  • It does not matter what package you buy or subscribe we do not compromise with the fundamental quality of design standards. 
  • We have various types of pricing options such as packaged based pay by instalments, or monthly or yearly subscription based. They are designed to suit all types of budgets.
  • Your sites will be in good hands, and rest assured as soon as we find an issue and if that fall into within the subscribed package, we will take action immediately. If it does not, then we will notify you immediately about possible impact and offer you the solutions.
  • We offer emergency support, that is a phone call away or whether face to face or remote.

Our on-boarding process is very simple. The steps are:

  1. Subscribe or buy your intended service. 
  2. We will send you an online welcoming onboarding form to let us know a few areas of your requirements or the login details of your site’s admin panel, domain and hosting service provider (if you request for re-design or maintenance or bug/fixing tasks).
  3. We will start working.
  4. We will keep you informed time to time.

We have done more than 100 projects so far and still counting. We have 50+ active clients and more than 100 users in Australia.

Yes, your details and websites are 100% safe with us. We do not compromise with privacy policy and our data centre is in Australia. Moreover, we offer 30 days money back guarantee in case we can’t deliver your project, although it is highly unlikely. For us, project is not only the important thing, but a good professional relationship with you is far more important.

Yes, we are in Sydney and available for emergency support, whether face to face or over the phone or video call.