This package is RISK FREE and includes (1) 30 days money back guarantee (2) 3 months technical warranty on our work (3) Pay by 4 instalments (4) Free domain, hosting, email, SSL, logo and favicon. (5) Free content editing and more

$3,999.00 inc. GST


This package is ideal for small to medium sized businesses who do not have an online shop and want a new online shop to sell products and services or already have an online store but needs a new look and feel. This may include completely re-design or revamp the existing site or adding more features and functionalities. Please click the button below for view package details:


Addon Details

Package Explanation

Add-on Service Explanation

Additional email By default you will get 1 professional email (such as name@example.com) for 1 year as part of your package. However, if you need more emails you can just select the quantity from below and buy and we will set up for you.
Images and icons Websites require some visual presentation and images or icons play a very big role for that. Depending on the package you are buying you will get some images and icons as part of the package. However, if you intend to use more images/icons you can buy from here. Once we get your order, we will confirm with you about the type of image you want to buy. There is a search process before choosing an image/icon and our service includes that so that you can free up your valuable time. Select from the below:
Additional page If you think you need more pages for your website but do not want to buy the next level up package then you may consider buying additional pages. For example, we can set up your website terms and conditions and privacy policy pages. Our prices are cheaper but you will get the highest quality possible. Please note that we will only set up the page for you and page content is out of scope of this service. If you need content writing for the pages, please select content writing options from the add-on services as well.
Social media page setup Depending on the package you are buying you will get a few social media accounts to be linked to your website once you provide us the links. However, if you do not have social media pages already set up or would like to create new ones, we can do that for you. Each social media page setup requires your website logo, profile/cover pictures, various business information and a few extra images. We can do these tasks for you at a very reasonable cost.
Content writing Website contents are always a separate sub-project as it requires copyright and plagiarism free content. We recommend our clients to supply the content to us because you know better than us about your business/project. However, for whatever reasons you are unable to provide content, we can do the content writing job for you for an additional cost. Please note that one page content comprises approximately 300 words. Please view our prices below and select that suits you most.
Custom form design (includes 10 fields) We offer two forms such as contact form and newsletter subscription form in our each package. However, if you need more, please select the options from below that suits you most. We are here to deliver the work for you.
On-page and technical SEO optimisation SEO optimisation is an add-on service because it takes time to optimise the site. Off-page optimisation is out of the scope of this service because it requires ongoing link building, directory submissions and other works and they belong to the SEO marketing service. Our on-page and technical SEO optimisation work will ensure that the site is optimised.
Online shop product upload/setup (no product description writing) This add-on service is only required if you have already selected the add-on ‘convert the website to an e-commerce store). An online shop has many parts and product setup is an important one among others. We can provide you with this service at a very reasonable cost. Please select the quantity from below and buy.
Online store product description writing Online store product description writing is a different job that requires writing about product USP (unique Selling Proposition) and benefits in such a way that helps consumers to buy. If you don’t have time to write product descriptions we can certainly help you with that. Please select the quantity from below and let us know how many product descriptions you want us to buy. Please note that each product description should not be more than 250 words.
Plugin installation: Plugin installation and configuration In simple terms plugin refers to extra features and it is normal that clients would like to have some extra features in their website. There are two options you have: (1) Use free plugin means that you don’t have to buy the plugin or (2) Buy a pro or premium plugin (sometimes called freemium) and use it. Regardless of whether you buy or use the free or paid plugin, you need to configure or customise it. Configuration means changing the plugin default setting as per your scenarios that suits your business/project most. We recommend the configuration option because it is cheaper and also less risky in terms of plugin maintenance. Please select from the options below that is, how many plugins would you like to install and configure.
Plugin installation and customisation (code changes) Plugin customisation simply means changing original codes in the plugin to make it suitable for your purpose and this may require work on the database. The reason is that sometimes the default settings/configuration of the plugins are not good enough to meet your specific business scenarios or you are unable to find a suitable plugin (free or paid) to use. That is why plugin customisation is the last option to make the plugin suitable for your service. Please note that we usually don’t recommend it unless it is absolutely required. Please choose your option carefully:
Website layout and structure customisation per website You may think of applying your brand ideas to the website and this may not be possible from a packaged service and cost point of view. The alternative solution is to customise the site’s layout and design. Generally, a website’s fundamental design comprises the followings: (1) logo/site identity (2) top bar (3) header (4) navigation (5) page header (6) breadcrumbs (7) layouts and colours (8) footer (9) menus (10) widgets and (11) site map (12) contact form etc. If you intend to change any of the above or need a very customised look and feel please select this add on and we will deliver the project accordingly.
Convert website to online/ecommerce store setup (without template cost and with example dummy products and categories): Creating an online shop requires many tasks such as store setup, store various policies setup, store content writing, product upload, product description writings and many other things. If you want to convert your basic store to an online shop/ecommerce store, we can certainly do that for you with additional cost.
Online store policy configuration (such as shipping policy) an online store must have a shipping policy (excluding some virtual/downloadable products) and it requires shipping policy configuration from where your customers will know relevant shipping policy details during their consideration to buy from your site.

Web Design/Development Process

Week-1: Buy a package/Discovery session (1) Know about your requirements;
(2) Buy the most suitable website package with full payment or instalments options as stated in the package that meets your requirements;
(3) Planning session with you for website design, structure and content, which includes layout, colours, fonts, navigation and functionalities;
(4) Either you or we will provide the content as per the package;
Week-2: Design/develop your website (1) Setup the technical environment for the website;
(2) Design the website as per the plan and the package you bought;
(3) We will send you the website in progress for your review and feedback;
Week-3: Prepare the website for going live/launch (1) After receiving your feedback or revision requests as per the package, we will make changes and prepare the site for going live.
(2) Balance payment (if you pay by instalments) for the website will be automatically deducted by Stripe as per the schedule before the site goes live;
Week-4: Your website goes live/launch (1) Once approved, we will launch your website going live;
(2) We will provide the required training as per the package either through video call or face to face (depends on your location);
Step-5 & onwards: Ongoing website support and maintenance (1) We will inform you about the importance of ongoing website maintenance and introduce our highly flexible packages to you.
(2) It is your decision whether you will be subscribing any support or maintenace packages or not.

Payment Method

Payment processor: Stripe

How payment will be collected and processed: Unless you choose a full upfront payment option, all web design package payments will be collected and processed online through Stripe. Each package has the initial deposit or 1st instalment option and the amount will vary as per the total package price.

Payment method: Initial deposit and balance payments by instalments from your nominated card.

ONE PAGE Freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs or businesses $499 (ex GST) 2 50% down payment – Buy the package online with 50% deposit upfront and order this package.
Balance – 50% will be debited from your nominated card anytime on week 3.
BASIC Small traders, freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs or business 699 (ex GST) 2 50% down payment – Buy the package online with 50% deposit upfront and order this package.
Balance – 50% will be debited from your nominated card anytime on week 3.
STANDARD Small businesses, freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs or business 1399 (ex GST) 3 50% down payment – Buy the package online with 50% deposit upfront and order this package.
Balance – 50% will be equally debited from your nominated card anytime on week 3 and 4.
ADVANCED Established small to medium sized businesses 1999 (ex GST) 4 40% down payment – Buy the package online with 40% deposit upfront and order this package.
Balance – 60% will be equally debited from your nominated card anytime on week 3, 4 and 5.
E-COMMERCE Established small to medium sized businesses 2999 (ex GST) 4 40% down payment – Buy the package online with 60% deposit upfront and order this package.
Balance – 60% will be equally debited from your nominated card anytime on week 3, 4 and 5.
CUSTOM WEB DEVELOPMENT For any types of businesses —- 4 25% – Payable upfront to start the project
25% – Payable to start the design
25% – Payable to start development
25% _ Payable to start final testing and before going live.
SUBSCRIPTION TO BUY PLANS For any types of businesses Subscription based N/A Variable pricing Monthly/Yearly ongoing subscription 12 Months YES


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