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Looking to take your online presence to the next level? Our website packages and subscription plans offer flexible payment options to suit your needs, whether it’s pay by instalments, one-off payment, or monthly or yearly subscriptions. We have designed our packages to help you understand your requirements and decide which plan is the most suitable for you. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us for a custom solution tailored to your needs.

With six website packages and three subscription plans, we have options to cover a wide variety of clients. Take a closer look at each package and plan to understand the features and pricing. And if you still can’t find what you need, let us design a custom package just for you – with all the default features of our web design packages included.

But it’s not just about web design and development – we also offer website maintenance and content editing services to keep your site running smoothly and looking great. Our three website maintenance subscription plans and one-off task package cover all your needs. And with our content editing services, including our platinum package with unlimited edits, you can keep your site fresh and engaging.

Don’t settle for a mediocre online presence. Let Shifting Cube take your website to the next level with our flexible, affordable, and customizable website packages and subscription plans.

ONE PAGE Pay by instalments Pre-paid
BASIC Pay by instalments Pre-paid
STANDARD Pay by instalments Pre-paid
ADVANCED Pay by instalments Pre-paid
E-COMMERCE Pay by instalments Pre-paid
CUSTOM WEB DEVELOPMENT Pay by instalments Pre-paid
SUBSCRIPTION TO BUY PLANS Ongoing subscription Pre-paid, Monthly/Yearly
SILVER Ongoing subscription Pre-paid, Monthly/Yearly
GOLD Ongoing subscription Pre-paid, Monthly/Yearly
PLATINUM Ongoing subscription Pre-paid, Monthly/Yearly
ON-DEMAND One-off Pre-paid, Monthly/Yearly
ONE-OFF One-off Pre-paid, Monthly/Yearly
PLAN 5 Ongoing subscription Pre-paid, Monthly/Yearly
PLAN 10 Ongoing subscription Pre-paid, Monthly/Yearly
PLAN UNLIMITED Ongoing subscription Pre-paid, Monthly/Yearly

Need requirements matching?

If you would like to know how your requirements will match with the packages we offer, please let us know and we will show you how they match.


Packaged based or subscription-based services are a simple and transparent way to list down and group the service lists or in other words clients’ most common requirements with a clear pricing, which have been put together to meet your project objectives. Packaged/subscription-based pricing helps to understand and compare your project requirements better as the information is already available to you rather than finding and understand them one by one.

Very simple steps:

(1) Determine first what type of website service you need?

(2) Read our offered packages or subscription plan carefully. If not sure contact us and we will help you.

(3) Compare your requirements/need to the package that meet all or most of your requirements/need. Again, if not sure or need further clarification, talk to us.

(4) Choose a package/subscription and buy online powered by Stripe.

(5) We will receive your order and you will get a welcoming onboarding email that will inform you the next steps that we will follow together. You will also receive access to our project management software to view the progress, even after the project is completed.

Shifting Cube offers 3 types of services, and they are all packaged based. For example,

Web design/development service has 7 types of packages: 6 are payable by 2-4 instalments and the other packages are subscription based, that is you can simply subscribe the service on a recurring basis and pay monthly or yearly, however they will have the option to buy the site anytime with a lumpsum amount, which varies package to package.

Similarly, website maintenance service has 5 packages: 3 are recurring subscription based and two are on-demand and one-off maintenance task based.

Unlimited content edits service also has 3 packages: silver, gold and Platinum.

In summary, the packages have been designed in such as a way that meet current market dynamics.

We offer unconventional subscription option for our potential clients. Unlike other DIY (Do It Yourself) subscription-based website builders, we offer DFY (Done For You) and the rent to buy option. This means, we will complete the project for you and after subscribing the site for at least 6 months you will have the option to buy the site by just paying the balance amount. We are transparent about pricing and our base prices are same as the packaged prices.

Although our subscription package is payable on a recurring monthly or yearly basis, we provide the option to buy the package to our clients after 12 months (minimum commitment required). For example, if you subscribe a standard web design package at the cost of 199 dollars monthly (excluding GST) or 2000 dollars yearly (excluding GST) and you do not want to continue the subscription after 12 months then you only need to pay as below:


For Standard and Advanced subscription to buy plans

Although our subscription package is payable on a recurring monthly or yearly basis, we provide the option to buy the package to our clients. For example, if you subscribe a standard web design package at the cost of 199 dollars monthly (excluding GST) and you do not want to continue the subscription after 12 months then you only need to pay 2 months subscription fees, that is 398 dollars (including GST) to become the owner of the website.


For E-commerce subscription to buy plans

After 12 months if you decide to buy the e-commerce store, your payout amount will be 599 x 2 = 1198 dollars (excluding GST).

Please note the following important conditions for this:

1. Subscription to buy plan is only applicable to monthly and yearly subscription plans. It does not apply to the normal website packages.

2. Minimum 12 months commitment is required for Standard, Advanced and Ecommerce plan because 12 months is a very reasonable time to assume for a business to continue its operations. You may buy the site or continue or cancel the service after the minimum 12 months commitment time is over.

3.  From the time of starting the subscription until it ends, you will be the owner of the website including your domains, emails and contents, only if you buy or provide. Going forward, you won’t be able to claim hosting and other regular services such as ongoing SEO, content edits and maintenance works due to the change of ownership.

4. If you would like to continue ongoing SEO, content edits and maintenance services, you need to subscribe the plans related to these services.

5. We will only provide you the website files and folders, which will contain site application and database on a Dropbox or any cloud infrastructure. It is your responsibility to make the site up and running. If you would like to do that for you, it will cost additional 399 dollars (excluding GST) for the Standard and Advanced plan and 799 dollars (ex. GST) for the E-commerce plan..

Add-on services are required because web design costs are variable and depend on the complexity of the requirements and the time it takes to complete those requirements. When we develop a web design package, we assume the most common scenarios and factor those scenarios in pricing. While 90% cases the package may meet clients’ requirements but for 10% clients it may not simply because of different requirements. That is why, in order to be transparent in pricing, add-on services are required to inform the clients clearly that additional services may incur additional costs. 

Shifting Cube believes in fair and transparent pricing and that is why provides all the necessary information to the clients so that they can make informed decisions.

50% off for all website packages


Use discount code in checkout!