On this page we will explain the meaning of the various components we have used in various website-related jobs or services. By reading the sections, you will have a better understanding of our offers and how they will be implemented in your scenarios. Please contact us if you are not sure or have a question.

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Minimum Commitment The minimum commitment required is the time that you need to stay on the subscription plan. For example, for Standard and Advanced plans, the minimum commitment required is 6 months and for the Ecommerce plan, 12 months.
General “General” means the general nature of the package. This includes the fundamental package offers, such as:
30 days Money back guarantee The 30 day money back guarantee only applies to our web design and development packages (except the custom development package) and is the same as the repair, replacement, or refund policy stated in the Australian Consumer Law. The law says a store or seller must provide a repair, replacement, or refund if an item is faulty or significantly not as described. We are dedicated to customer service and are confident that we will take every necessary step to make our customers happy. However, if a situation arises where our products or services are faulty and significantly vary from their original description, and we can’t fix the faults, we will refund what has been paid to us. As per the Australian Consumer Law, you will not be able to claim a 30 day money back guarantee where you: (1) received a service as requested, but simply changed your mind; (2) misused the service in any way that caused the problem; (3) knew of or were made aware of the faults before the service was purchased; or (4) asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business. For details, please read our Terms of Services.
Delivery Delivery days mean the days that we will take to complete the project, that is to be ready to go live from the date of commencing the project. Delivery days vary depending on the package and only include business days. That is, weekends and public holidays are not included in the calculation of delivery days.
Payable by instalments Depending on the package you buy, we have flexible payment options for you. However, you will have the option to pay in full in advance if you choose to.
Platform “Platform” means the CMS technology based on which the website will be built. Our offered platform is WordPress, which is the most popular CMS in the world, with a market share well above 43%. This platform is easy to manage and has many hundreds of thousands of plugins to enhance the site’s functionality. We recommend using the WordPress platform.
Package upgrade option This means your selected package will have the option to upgrade to higher packages at any time if you agree to pay the balance payment, which is the payment difference between the higher package and the one you are currently with.
3 months technical warranty This means we provide a 3 month technical warranty on our work regardless of the package you buy. Generally, 3 months is a good period of time to understand and confirm whether the site has technical errors and is buggy or not. This means if your website encounters any technical errors or bugs due to our coding or other technical configuration, we will fix them for free. If there are no bugs or errors, it is reasonable to think that the site is stable. Please read our terms of services for details.
Customisation option This means whether any new code or code changes are included in the package or not. This option varies depending on the package. Generally, only higher packages have this option.
No. of revisions This means how many times you can modify content, colours, font-size, images, etc., and it also varies depending on the package you buy. Please note that revisions do not include any changes in layout or the structure of the site unless it is clearly stated in the package.
Website maintenance plan This means whether the package you have bought or intend to buy has website maintenance service included or not. In general, maintenance service is not included in any packages (except the subscription to buy plans) because this service itself requires many different types of work on a regular basis. Depending on your budget, you can always separately subscribe to our maintenance service as it will give you peace of mind if something goes wrong with the site, such as the site needs to fix performance or security issues.
Content and Media The Content and media category mainly includes the following aspects, but availability depends on the package you are buying:
No. of page setup This means the web pages that the site needs to display your business or project information and, again, it depends on the package you are buying. For example, a basic website comprises five pages, which include: Home, About, Product/Service, Blog, and Contact us. There is no hard and fast rule for how many pages you need. It all depends on your business objectives and operations. You have the option to buy additional pages and we’ll set them up for you, excluding content writing.
Content writing Content writing is a specialised work and requires additional fees. In most cases, clients provide content and we upload the content to the page. If you are not in a position to write your content for whatever reason, we will be happy to help you with additional costs. You will have the option to buy content writing as an add-on service from the product details page.
No.of images/icons You will get a number of royalty-free images and icons depending on the package you get.
Images optimisation This is time-consuming work, but we have decided to provide you with this service as we know it may be difficult sometimes to do so. For example, if you are in a basic package, you are entitled to have 10 images. So, we will optimise these 10 images if it is required.
Technical All of our web design/development packages include the following technical features (including domain, hosting, SSL, and 1 professional email address), which are valid for 1 year. After one year, these services require renewal.
Domain, Hosting and SSL (Security Socket Layer) As part of the package, we will provide you with the domain, hosting, and SSL certificate for 1 year. In hosting, we will provide the storage of your website.
Logo & Favicon Free (an additional charge will apply for the change of logo and favicon)
No. of professional emails (500 MB) You will get 1 email for 1 year as part of the package. Additional fees will apply if you need more emails.
Website layout and structure Depending on your package, you may be entitled to change the website layout and structure through extensive customisation. Normally, this requires changing the site header, top bar, footer, button styles, typography, breadcrumbs, menus, widgets, and site map. If your package allows you to customise the site layout and structure, then we will do so for you. However, you can always purchase additional customization options as part of our add-on services.
Pro/paid plugin Unless otherwise specified in the package details, paid/professional plugins are not included in any packages. If we determine that a paid/pro plugin is required for the smooth functioning of your site, we will let you know and you can provide us with the plugin, but that plugin configuration will require additional payment to us because configuration work takes time to complete.
Responsiveness (mobile and tablet optimisation) Included in all packages for the first time to go live. For ongoing responsiveness, you need to subscribe to a maintenance plan.
Technical Performance optimisation Included in all packages for the first time to go live. For ongoing technical performance optimisation, you need to subscribe to a maintenance plan.
Features Features on your website depend on the package you get. That is, some features are part of the package, others are not. There are so many features for websites; some can be implemented through plugins, whereas others may require custom coding. For example, by default, you will get 2 free premium plugins (security and optimisation) and 1 free plugin (Heatmap). As a client, you may need to determine what features and functionalities are required for your website. Always remember, if you intend to use any free plugins for a new feature, we will only charge you for configuring each plugin. But if you want us to use paid plugins, we will charge you upfront to buy the plugin (or you may provide it) and then the configuration cost. However, if you want us to write custom code to change the plugins, then separate costs will apply. In summary, the included features in the package are free. Additional fees will apply for extra free or paid plugin configuration and customisation. Customisation means writing a new code or changing existing codes as per your unique requirements.
Social media links and integration This service includes tasks such as (a) Links to social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and others. (b) Social media feed integration: This is determined by your package. Other than the links to social media tasks, other tasks are not available based on the package you buy. If your package does not allow you to buy some of these services, you may consider buying the services as part of our add-on service offers.
Google setup related This service includes tasks such as (a) Google business setup: It depends on your package. (b) Creating a Google Cloud account: This varies according to your package. (c) Configuration of Google Search Console: This is dependent on your package. (d) Google Analytics setup: This is determined by your package. (e) Establish a Google Merchant Account.It depends on your package. If your package does not allow you to buy some of these services, you may consider buying the services as part of our add-on service offers.
SEO ranking This is not a full SEO service. It only fixes and optimises key technical and on-page SEO issues.
Ongoing maintenance Ongoing website maintenance service is not part of the normal web design packages but is included in the subscription to buy plans.
Unlimited content edits Unlimited content edits are not part of the normal web design packages but are included in the subscription to buy plans.
Support option It does not matter which package you are buying, you can contact us for support in 3 different ways: (1) a support ticket, (2) an email, and (3) a phone call
Help centre and training We provide extensive documentation about website design and maintenance and many FAQs. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please contact us and we will resolve the issue.
Access to project management software We have a custom-designed project management software by which we manage our projects. As a client, you will have access to the software to get updates on your project.