Transfer Domain(s)

Transfer Domain(s) #

Posted 23rd November, 2018

This guide includes the steps you need to take to transfer a domain name between providers. Fixed offer a managed service where we will oversee a transfer of domains for you between providers of your choosing.

The majority of domains have a defined transfer process. The common errors and pitfalls are explained in our Domain Names Guide.

When Fixed transfers your domain we will:

Preperation #

Sanity Checks #

  1. Ensure that nameservers are not managed by the domain registrar. If this is the case, transferring a domain out may result in the DNS being dropped by the domain registrar. DNS should be moved to new nameservers prior to a transfer. One option is to move the DNS to Cloudflare.
  2. Ensure that no email forwarding or additional services run from the old domain provider. Like with DNS, these may be discontinued if they are essentially bolt ons to the old provider.

Transfer Checks #

  1. With the exception of UK domains, ensure that the domain administrative contact is accessible.
  2. With the exception of UK domains, ensure that the domain is unlocked.
  3. With the exception of UK domains, ensure that the domain has not been registered or transferred in the last 60 days.
  4. With the exception of UK domains, ensure that the domain is not set to ClientHold.
  5. Ensure that the domain name does not expire in the next 7 days. If it does, be aware of the risks should a transfer push the domain over expiry.
  6. If the losing provider runs DNS, ensure that nothing needs to be updated prior to the move completing. Once a losing domain registrar realises that a domain is moving away, then may restrict the ability to update nameservers or DNS.
  7. With the exception of UK domains, obtain an authorisation code from the current domain provider. This is sometimes called an EPP code.

Initiating the Transfer #

  1. The client must place an order with the new provider. They may be required to provide an EPP code. With the exception of UK domains, a one year renewal will be required as part of the order.
  2. An email will be sent to the domain name administrative contact, with a link that should be clicked. The domain admin contact should click this.
  3. The domain will go into Pending Registry Approval status. The only reason a transfer can now fail is if the old provider refuses the transfer – which is rare and has to be for specific reasons like an unpaid bill or suspicions of fraud.
  4. Thereafter, a transfer will automatically be processed after 7 days. Possibly less – but 7 days is the time out after which a transfer is automatically released and very few losing providers are happy to make the process easier than required.

Common Issues #

See our guide on domain names for a list of common issues that can occur and advice on each.

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