There are plenty of WordPress website management companies out there. Why should I work with WP Buffs?

There are a few things that make WP Buffs unique…

We offer 24/7 support
Because WP Buffs was built to prioritize a 100% remote work environment, we have staff working from across the globe. While we’re a US-based company, we have team members across Asia, Europe, South America and North America.

You know who’s working on your website(s)
Unlike some other companies, we have a team page where you can see everybody who works for us (full-time, part-time, contractor, freelancer, etc). We’re proud of the company we’ve built and the global team that powers it!

We have a Client Success Team
We have a client success team with the specific job of making sure you’re successful working with WP Buffs. While our support and engineering teams will handle your website(s) on the day-to-day, our CST will be monitoring your account regularly to ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.

We give all our clients free access to premium plugins
Every website (managed under a subscription that qualify) gets access to iThemes Security Pro, WP Smush Pro and WP Rocket. You’re more than welcome to purchase and use these plugins yourself (in fact, we encourage it!). But if you want access to these plugins as well as a team of WordPress professionals to activate, integrate and optimize them for your unique website, getting access through a WP Buffs website management subscription is the move.

You’ll be (indirectly) donating to causes we all care about
When you invest in a WP Buffs website management subscription, a significant part of your monthly payment goes towards the 100% free development time and support we donate to organizations like herresiliencycenter.org. HER Resiliency Center is a non-profit organization that helps vulnerable young women ages 18 to 25 with the support, skills, and resources they need to make positive decisions and thrive. Through mentoring, workshops, and the support of dedicated and highly trained staff, HER gives young women a path to independence and a different life.

Our online reviews, testimonials and customer stories are phenomenal
We let our customers speak for themselves.

We have a white-label partnership program
WP Buffs partners with design agencies, marketing firms and freelancers by offering a simple and effective white-label solution. If you have clients or customers who need ongoing website edits, performance enhancements, additional security or any kind of regular maintenance, we’ll step in as your background technical partner.

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