Backup Overview

Backup Overview #

Posted 03rd October, 2018

At Fixed.net we will back up your website and store encrypted incremental copies of files and databases in the Cloud. We can back up all websites that can be accessed by FTPSFTP or SSH. This means all shared web hosts and all dedicated servers.

Subscribers to our Unlimited Plan get backups stored forever. That means we will never delete your backups for as long as you keep the subscription with us. On our Backups-Only plan we keep backups for 30 days. Free users have backups stored for seven days.

Fixed.net backs up both files and databases, which are the constituent parts of most websites. A number of backup connection methods can be used, meaning that backups will work for over 99% of websites online. Configuration is straightforward, and can be done manually, or with our assistance by creating a task

  • How to backup via FTP
  • How to backup via SSH
  • How to backup MySQL databases
  • How to backup cPanel Hosting
  • How to restore files and databases

Restores can also be made between websites, which for example enables staging websites.

Backup Locations #

All backups are stored either with Amazon Web Services or on the Google Cloud Platform. We use a suite of tools that allow us to scale efficiently based on demand, and move backups between systems depending on frequency of access. By default, websites are backed up to the closest physical location to the website hosting location.

Backups are encrypted.

On account closure, after the retention period ends, when a site is removed, or on request, all backup data is wiped from our systems.

Free vs. Paid Backups #

A full comparison of plans can be found on our pricing page.

Free users receive a fully functional core backup service. We take a backup every day and keep your it securely for 7 days. We charge only if a restore is needed; that means even if you use our backup service for two years before you do a restore, you only have to pay us once, at the point of a restore.

The maximum size of a backup on our free tier is 1GB. For reference, a default WordPress site is under a tenth of that.

On our Backups-Only tier, we keep backups for 30 days and can back up up to 100GB. Backups can also be taken on demand.

Our Unlimited tier keeps backups forever and has no limit to the website size,

Free User Backups Only Plan Unlimited Plan
Website Size 1GB 100GB Unlimited
Backup Retention 7 days 30 days Indefinite
On-demand Backups No Yes Yes
Encryption Yes Yes Yes
Self-Download Extra Yes Yes
Browsable Backups Yes Yes Yes
Storage Location EU/US/Asia EU/US/Asia EU/US/Asia
Storage Provider Google & Amazon S3 Google & Amazon S3 Google & Amazon S3

Additional Features #

As part of our backup service we build in added benefits, which can happen automatically, on demand, or when triggered by a monitoring alert. These include:

  • Monitor for unexpected file changes. You can view all file changes by time, and browse the latest file updates.
  • Scan for malware. We scan your files for malware at the point of backup.
  • Trigger backup – On a task request we automatically take an additional backup.

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