Regular updates are not optional, it is a must maintenance task.

86% of WordPress websites are hacked due to outdated core, themes and plugins. That is why it is very important to update your website on a regular basis (at least once a month). Our expert team are ready to provide you this service at a very cheap price.


Core, theme & plugin update?

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Website core updates

Website core updates (such as WordPress) are changes in the Website core software that runs Website functionalities. The term “updates” applies to website version updates that are made available through your Website admin dashboard. Version updates may include security patches, bug fixing or adding or modifying functionalities.

Theme and Plug-in updates

In a simple term, theme represents a website’s look and feel. Themes enable you to alter your website’s layout, typography, colour scheme, and other visual components. Theme developers time to time release updates in order to add changes and to keep up with website core software updates. On the other hand, plugin refers to the functionalities of websites such as pricing table, booking calendar, payment gateway etc. Similar to the theme developers, plugin developers frequently release plugin version updates to add or update a feature and keep up with websites’ core and theme version updates.

Why regular updates are very important?



The top reason to keep up with WordPress updates is for site security. WordPress, like any other platform, isn’t 100% secure. Even at this very moment, there is the potential that some themes, plugins and core WordPress files are vulnerable. Therefore, you should Know your site’s security status and vulnerabilities

Reliability and stability

Page loading, page speed and other important indicators


Files, folders and database backup and off-site storage

New features

Site is running 24/7 or not

Bug fixing

This is directly linked to security issue. know update statusi

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Let our experts manage your website updates

You have 3 options to choose from our services: (1) Ongoing basis (2) On demand basis and (3) One-off tasks. In doing so, we offer freedom and flexibility with our maintenance packages. They are all designed to ensure your  site’s safety and performance.  

PhP & custom website updates

PHP Updates

Is your site running on an older version of PHP? Our Managed WordPress Updates service could help with updating your site’s PHP version. If you are using a Managed WP host that allows PHP version management, we can perform the updates to your site as part of our monthly maintenance packages.

Available for Custom Sites

If you have a site built with a custom theme or custom plugin, you know that updates can be tricky at times. With our Custom and Custom Pro plans though, you can have our team ensure safe WP updates that run smoothly and work properly alongside your custom themes or plugins on your site.

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WordPress updates are changes made to code. This may be the code of the core WordPress software, your theme, or your plugins.

WordPress updates show up in your admin dashboard as a bright red notification. They signal that software you have installed, whether activated or deactivated, is in need of a refresh.

With just a few clicks, you can push an update from a developer to your WordPress website. But we highly recommend taking safety precautions like doing a full backup of your site before doing updates, performing updates on a staging site first, or simply having your webmaster manage all your updates.

Every piece of software installed on your server must be kept up-to-date if you want your site to run in tip-top shape. This is why you use tools built by trustworthy developers and designers who are accountable to their software and keep it updated on a regular basis.

There are a number of reasons why a WordPress developer might see fit to update the code of their software and send it over to your website:

  • Security patches: code is highly susceptible to infiltration and infection, which is why you’ll often see security updates issued for the purposes of patching bugs.
  • Performance upgrades: even if you’ve installed well-trusted and well-reviewed plugins and themes, performance can degrade over time as software or code becomes obsolete. Performance patches are issued to ensure that your WordPress software doesn’t have a negative effect on speed.
  • New features: the web is always changing, which is why any good developer (including those behind WordPress itself) will pay attention to changing trends. As they change, it’s crucial to keep software in line so that websites may continue to align with the modern user experience.

Your WordPress updates are performed on a weekly basis. What’s more, they are safely handled by WP Buffs during low-traffic hours, ensuring that updates have not adversely affected the security, performance, or user experience of your site. We’re also happy to perform the updates on your staging server before pushing them live for another layer of security.

WordPress automates some of its core updates, especially the more critical ones. The rest, however, it leaves to its users to handle.

You can do this by logging into WordPress and pushing each plugin, theme, or core update through manually. You can automate the process with a plugin. Or you can use a WordPress management tool to handle updates for numerous websites simultaneously.

That said, updates don’t always go smoothly. Code in one piece of software can conflict with others, causing part of your website to break or the whole thing to go down entirely. Updates also have the potential to cause unwanted or unexpected changes on the front end of your site. Without some handholding and close monitoring of each update, your visitors may be left befuddled when they unexpectedly encounter a misaligned page or broken plugin functionality.

Granted, you have backups to rescue you if such a thing should occur. But your best bet is to outsource this to WP Buffs update service for WordPress included in our care plans.